International Parental Child Abduction-Greece

I am writing to request your help with the devastating circumstances that I find myself in.  My name is George Petroutsas and I am what is known as a “left-behind parent” in an International Child Abduction case.  My ex-wife, is a Greek citizen, she has re-abducted our son, Andoni (5yrs old) to Athens Greece. Currently, I have been awarded the Sole Legal and Sole Physical Custody of our son and a Federal (Hague) Court has determined that Andoni’s Habitual Home is the U.S.  In theory, the judicial system seems to be working fairly in granting me these orders.

In practice though, the system is terribly flawed. The only reason I have come this far is for the unconditional love I have for my son.  I have been advised that you can raise awareness towards my battle with the unjust political system for my issues as a left-behind parent in an abduction situation. As we see in today’s media, as we become a more mobile society, this is becoming a larger issue for “international” couples that divorce.  These types of situations have not been appropriately addressed in our legal system, our treaties are outdated and this topic needs to be highlighted for support and action for all left-behind parents here in the United States.

George A. Petroutsas