Since the printing of George’s story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the San Jose Mercury News on August 5, 2010, we have made good progress in helping to bring Andoni home, but more work needs to be done. Please, we encourage you to reach out to the people below. Call them, email them, contact them in any way possible to let them know that George needs their help. Tell them that this situation is a human tragedy that needs to be corrected soon. Encourage your friends to do the same. These are the people that can make a difference and help George bring his son home quickly.

We appreciate everyone’s help, ideas and suggestions. Our goals are to mobilize elected and diplomatic officials, lobby for media coverage, and promote public interest.

We recommend the following steps:

REMEMBER: Always be civil and direct people to this web site for more information.

For all contacts below PLEASE take the time to call these people IN ADDITION to sending emails and letters. Even if you end up having a ten second conversation with a less-than-helpful staffer, they will get the message that we mean business.